Trappers Ridge Homeowners:
We are about to ratify the Second Amendment to the Trappers Ridge Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.  On this web page, you will find a copy of the Second Amendment, the Notice to be recorded following approval, and a Ballot.  Instructions for completing the Ballot are contained within that document.  Keep in mind, you can cast only one vote per lot.
Voting will be open through July 22, 2023 and the results will be announced on Monday, July 24.  A two-thirds majority (95) of all eligible voters (141) is needed to approve the Amendment.  Following approval, the public Notice will be recorded and the HOA will begin collecting a Reinvestment Fee of one-half of one percent (.5%) on every transaction when a lot changes hands.  Certain exceptions apply.  See the Amendment and Notice for details.
The Fees collected will be used to pay the Association’s costs of administering and maintaining the Common Areas and Common Improvements, paying Common Expenses, and maintaining the Reserve Fund.
The Trappers Ridge Board of Directors was unanimous in passing the motion to bring this Amendment to the Members for a vote.  We strongly support the Amendment, and we ask you to vote FOR its approval.
Most of the HOAs in the Eden / Wolf Creek area are collecting Reinvestment Fees at the same rate as proposed here.  We hope we can count on your vote to bring greater financial stability to the Trappers Ridge Homeowners Association.
Please cast your vote early.  You’ll find instructions on the Ballot.  If you have questions or comments, direct them to me or any other member of the Board.
Best regards,