September 13, 2020

Trappers Ridge Homeowners:

STORM DEBRIS:  On Friday, our arborist’s tree removal team was able to remove two extremely dangerous trees and put a large number of branches and trunks through the chipper.  Unfortunately, the job was much more than they could complete in a day.  When a storm of this magnitude takes down thousands of trees, the priorities have to be the protection of people and homes, clearing roads and driveways and restoration of power.  Chipping and removal of debris are lower on the list.  Since Acer Tree Service is unable to return anytime soon, I will make contact with others who may be able to finish the job.  Please be patient, we’ll figure it out.  Hauling green waste to the transfer station would be a last resort.

STREET LAMPS:  The wind damaged at least seven street lamps and worked out at least that many bulbs.  I’ve contacted the county to see if they will take responsibility for repair or replacement, otherwise it’s on us.  This too, will take a little time.

TRASH CANS:  My thanks to all who assisted in picking up trash everywhere throughout the community.  Tara Gilmore, Betsy Jennings, Diane S. and I tackled a mess created when vacating renters put their cans, full of unbagged garbage in the street.  Many others helped neighbors upright their gas grills and patio furniture and hunt down lost cushions.  Our landscapers will collect more trash as they mow and trim, but I’d ask that you grab a plastic grocery bag when you take your walks and pick up whatever is hiding in the nooks and crannies.  If your trash can family grew through this storm, please let me know and if you lost a can, perhaps we can reunite you with your missing friend.

This brings the total number of trees lost in the last eighteen months to about seventy-five.  A significant loss for all of us.  As time and resources allow, we’ll begin the process of stump grinding and replanting some of these trees.




September 10, 2020

Trappers Ridge Homeowners:

That was a nasty storm!  If you weren’t here, you missed some fierce winds and even driving snow.  Some homes lost roofing shingles (clubhouse included), others lost satellite dishes, pieces of siding and even chimneys.  A few large trees fell onto roofs but caused no injury or serious structural damage.  Some fell across driveways and trails.  In all, we lost more than thirty trees.

Our landscapers did an amazing job of mobilizing their crew, cutting down broken trees and cleaning up the debris.  Tomorrow, our tree removal experts will take down a few remaining hangers-on and chip all the limbs and branches piled up near the curb(s).

If we notice your home was damaged, we’ll contact you.