November 20, 2018

Trappers Ridge Homeowners:

The votes are in and counted.  Of the one-hundred eleven (111) votes cast, one-hundred seven were FOR the adoption of the amended and restated CC&Rs/Bylaws; four (4) were AGAINST.

Congratulations and thank you!  This is a milestone in the annals of Trappers Ridge at Wolf Creek.  It was only twenty-seven months ago that this journey began and now, here it is at an end.  Already!  So soon!
These new governing documents are a good thing for all Trappers Ridge homeowners.  Thanks to everyone, Board, Advisory Committee, Homeowners and Counsel who helped to make it happen.
And while I’ve got your attention, I’d like to ask everyone who might be interested in serving on the Board of Directors to submit a self-nomination letter.  Nothing too formal, just a brief bio (one or two paragraphs). Also indicate your desire to be on the Board and why you are best suited to serve.  Experience is not required. Just a passion to make your community better and a bit of your time.  Three, two-year positions are up for election and/or re-election.  All letters of interest should be mailed by December 8, 2018.  Send your letter to Trappers Ridge HOA, 5801 E. Elkhorn Drive, Eden, Utah 84310 or email it to
Thank you!